Monday, September 21, 2015

"Little Einsteins" Excerpts

Here's a bunch of clips of the characters when I worked in the character animation department for "Little Einsteins". Some of theses appear in my reel. The first clip doesn't have any audio, but the rest do.

I worked on this show over 10 years ago now, and looking back it was a pretty great time. I learned a lot and met some good friends. I was also doing what I loved on a daily basis: traditional animation. We were a very small team and we handled the four main characters, so budgetary constraints meant we could only do so much. We mainly did routines that were then handed off to another department that brought it all together in comp. Occasionally we could do a whole acting shot ourselves which was always fun.

All that said, its hard to look at some of this now. All I see are the mistakes. Quincy's hands are wiggling all over the map in the clip of him playing the flute.

I have a few more shots sitting on my drive here. Maybe I'll go through them and cobble them together at a later date.

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