Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yuri Sakazaki

While I know she's from "Art of Fighting", I usually picked Yuri as a part of my team in "King of Fighters". I think I'd usually roll with Yuri, Mai, and Kensou. Sometimes I'd mix it up with Athena or Iori. Maybe even a little Terry Bogard? Hah man I miss playing KOF '98 back in the day at the local arcade...but of course I miss arcades in general.

I like that Yuri was kind of buff, but spry.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Character Animation Demo Clip - "Do Not Touch" Pinball

Here's another piece I designed and animated for Really fun project. The gist is that a user on presses these randomly generated "Do Not Touch" buttons on the website/app which trigger a just-as-random animation. They're quirky and fun. I was asked to come up with a "pinball theme that is breaking the frame", and this is the result.

Being that it is for web/app, the file size is a major constraint. These have to be produced at a much smaller frame size, run-time, and play back at 12fps to conserve on bandwidth. In many ways this makes for a fun challenge to jam as much animation as I can into this small space.

Click around and maybe you'll run into this one! Don't forget to check out my previous "Do Not Touch" button for Halloween 2016 here: