Thursday, June 26, 2014

Soccer Rocker

I wanted to make a quick post here about my latest pre-schooler short I did for Mother Goose Club called "Soccer Rocker" (the embedded clip is from their Youtube channel). It was posted last week and it seems to be doing really well....wonder if that has anything to do with the 2014 World Cup right now...hmmm...

So as usual, I handled all storyboard, animation, comp, and edit. As previously stated, I did a re-design on the five main characters about a year ago. All animation and comp is done in Harmony with edit being done in Premiere. There are a few shots where After Effects were used. Backgrounds and other character design are handled as usual by Astrid Riemer.  I also did a bit of story development on this one, too as the original script was a bit lose. I generally am given a music track and a script to work from, but I was given the freedom to add some elements into this one which was fun.

So there we go. Enjoy!

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