Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roughs for Fun 6

I started doing this a week or so ago, but I got busy with work and had to shelf it for a bit. One of the things I am not very good at is animating any kind of dancing character. I guess I just don't have any rhythm hah. So I wanted to do a ballerina type figure doing a simple spin. I wanted to focus more on the energy of the movement and not worry about design. Thus a "D" for a head.

I consider this a failure. She is stiff and not moving with any kind of weight. This is most likely due to my total lack of knowledge of classical dance and the mechanics that drive it. When you're missing that then you miss the potential to add any feeling or emotion into it. This is uninformed animation. However, I chose to post it because I wanted to put it all out there warts and all. I would like to come back to this maybe next time, but with a bit more of a fundamental understanding of dance and what makes it tick.

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