Friday, January 18, 2013

Roughs for Fun 04

I wanted to do a run cycle so I came up with this guy. I was looking to do something a bit more anatomically correct, but still have some exaggeration in the animation. The legs at his high point pose are pretty pulled apart to give him a feeling of rushing dead-on at something/somewhere. He's really hoof'n it. Looking at it now, I wish I made his high point even higher to give him a bit more bounce. Right now he's running pretty low to the ground. I imagine if one was running that fast that they would lift higher off the ground as their back foot propelled them forward. While working I did adjust that key drawing to make him higher, but now I wish I pushed it even more...which I feel is one of my short comings as an animator in general. I don't push my poses far enough.

I approached my timing a bit differently in this one too. I tried to not fall into my normal routine, and instead attempted to feel it out more as I worked and assembled it. It's a run cycle so it should all be on 1's. Maybe I'll go back and do that?

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