Friday, November 30, 2012

Eliza and Tommy

I've been messing around in Toon Boom Animate a bit more yesterday and today. I already had "Tommy" designed as a test to see how I could rig a character and create a template that can be replicated for a theoretical series. I added "Eliza" as his cohort in trouble...whatever that means.

As I was building her rig, I found myself getting more comfortable with the tools which I remember struggling a bit with Tommy. Also another big mental leap came to me when I was working on her hair. I was thinking of ways to make the hair in the back neatly sit behind her head and not cause any odd overlaps. This is from years and years of dealing with Flash's limitations.  It occurred to me that I could have her hair sit in any fashion that I wanted as the rig would allow me to parent it in a far more flexible manner than Flash ever could. The hair is made up of four parts with the bottom part faithfully following any head animation that I will hopefully give her in the next week or so. I may still tweak her design as I'm not entirely happy with it yet, but here's my latest progress with my foray into Toon Boom Animate.
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